A silence slowly spreads across the room as anxious moments pass sparingly.  From the darkness, a whisper.  You listen intently, and again hear faint whispers, faint words that entice your emotions. You look around but see nothing.   More whispering, more words, mere expressions which have no face, no features.  You feel a presence as these words begin to move around you.  The room, still dark begins to glow with electricity... the journey begins!  The words take on a louder voice as they escape from chapters long since written to shed their lifeless characteristics. Your heart beats  faster now as each word becomes a mirror that reflects an image that is now five feet in front of you.  The words, once faceless, once nameless, have risen from the pages of the past and are now sitting all around you.  You see that they are no longer just words in a book or just voices that are whispering to you from far away places in the past, they are true reflections of emotional and personable people that have an exciting story to tell. Through modern technology,  Time Traveler Productions takes you back in time by bridging the gap between past and present via a variety of historical adventures.  These adventures incorporate power point slides, video, ceiling to floor wall murals, lighting effects, smoke machines, special effects, and a captivating sound track all of which come together enabling you to witness and experience history's most monumental moments.  Imagine if you will the taste of salt air as you ride on the cramped boat along side the earliest immigrants as they make their way to America.  Standing beside them, you see how they fully appreciate America as they stare breathlessly at Lady Liberty when they pass underneath her outstretched arm.  Assist Eliot Ness as he pursues the notorious gangster, Al Capone in his quest to supply the "wets" with the prize they crave.  Take notes on Eliot's methods as he shakes the very walls of the legal system in an effort to crumble them down and the corruption that lies behind them.   Walk through the iron gates of Auschwitz that have inscribed on them in German, "Work Shall Make You Free" and witness the horror of the Holocaust.   Fly in the cockpit of the Enola Gay and stare down on the city below that has no idea what is about to be bestowed upon them.  Protest peacefully with Martin Luther King Jr. in a sit-in in Alabama as white hoodlums begin to organize behind you.  Experience the weightlessness of space as you walk next to Neil Armstrong and help him put up the American flag on the surface of the moon. Experience history, not as words in a book, but as real life adventures that allow you to visit places in the past and walk next to key figures all the while examining the decisions that they have made.  Dispute them if you will, argue, suggest, but always remember, "those who do not learn from the past, are condemned to repeat it!"  Time Traveler Productions welcomes you to the great adventure----HISTORY!


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