*An Award Winning Production  

  Liberation was in most cases a joyful thing to behold as soldiers crossed the Rhine in March of 1945.  However, for one American soldier, liberation became a haunting and reoccurring nightmare that would never allow him to forget the death and destruction created by Hitler's Nazi regime.  "Words will never be able to explain the things I saw, the absolute disregard for human life.  Instead, every day, every night, crystal clear images play over and over again in my mind far surpassing my, and the worlds, wildest dreams.  

 This Production recounts his experiences as he liberates cities, towns, cottages and villas. It also recounts his involvement in the liberation of the concentration camps, the death camps.  In one of the deadliest concentration camps in Poland he carries out a survivor.  "She was a nine year old girl, frail, skin and bones, her little heart pounding.  She seemed to be dreaming yet her eyes remained focused on mine with a trust I will never forget.  Oh, those deep and dark brown eyes, so beautiful and so desperately trying to not close forever.  As they teared up they became mirrors that reflected the tattered mind and trembling heart of a little girl with an even more horrifying story to tell".  Through her accounts,  fear,  loss, and ultimate despair were events that she lived through as a little girl.  However, as witnessed by her strong spirit, courage, life and her triumph over death,  hope was brought into this dark and horrific place.  It showed that even though many lives were lost, and that many families were separated forever, we would go on, the heart, would go on.  
   The message that is embedded within this Production does not take the more traditional approach in teaching the horrors of the Holocaust to today's generation of student.  It can't!  It must intertwine an understanding of today's learning styles within our students as well as  the ever changing media trends that today's students are tapped into.  The high school audience has changed drastically as the culture of today dictates the latest fads for students and the latest teaching trends for teachers.  As a new generation of students comes into my class, I must equip myself with new means of teaching styles so that I may better grasp the hearts, souls and emotions that are entrusted into my care.  The lessons learned from the Holocaust must not be lost because of a fear to change the way that will better allow our students to understand, learn and apply what they have been taught. To parallel past and present is essential in getting my message across.  In order to do this, the past must continually take on a new voice so that the present can better hear, understand and apply the lessons to be learned toward the future.

This Production is dedicated to the 6 million souls who 
were lost during the Holocaust.  1, 200, 000 were children. 

Time Traveler Productions presents The Holocaust.

*Approximate Running Time: 42 minutes

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ŠTime Traveler Productions 2000



Pictures Of The Multi-Media Production--The Holocaust

Pictures Of Trip To Poland And Israel
Picture- Vladka Meed (Member of the Warsaw Ghetto Resistance Movement)
Picture- Ruth Brand
(Survivor of Auschwitz)
Picture- Dov Freiberg  (Survivor of Sobibor)

Hannah Pick, (Anne Frank's best friend), and Me---Summer 98, Israel

Picture- The Gates Of Auschwitz Death Camp
Picture- Walking where 2 million souls were lost
Picture- Terrorizing Confinements
Picture- Human Hair

Picture- Birkenau/Auschwitz Death Camp  (Schindler's List filmed here)
Picture- Birkenau/Auschwitz Death Camp  (reflections of hope)
Picture- Birkenau Death Camp  (home)
Picture- The Crematorium
Picture- Women To The Right

Picture- Treblinka Death Camp (LINKS TO TREBLINKA WEBSITES HERE)
Picture- Treblinka Death Camp Fences
Picture- Treblinka Death Camp Train Tracks
Picture- Treblinka Death Camp Memorial for Countries 
Picture- Treblinka Death Camp Memorial for Cities
Picture- Treblinka Death Camp Memorial for Towns
Picture- Treblinka Death Camp Main Memorial

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*Student Testimonial

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